Welcome to Muse Technical. We are a technical consulting firm that has successfully been in business for many years. Our experience and project work has served several different business sectors such as manufacturing, hi-tech, aerospace, retail, entertainment, non-profit and others.

Our expertise is helping customers with their data and systems. Many times we come up with solutions that either did not exist before, or improving upon existing systems or implementations that are inadequate or in need of augmentation or improvements.

If you are curious about some of what we have done, we’ve put up a sampling of some of our projects and experience on our Projects page.


Muse Technical is a technical consulting firm with years of experience across a vast array of projects and clients. We are also part of a consortium of consultants who work together to collectively leverage our shared knowledge, skills and expertise.

To boil it down to the essence of who we are and what we do, what we have found is it all comes to a common denominator for every client and project: Data. Every project we’ve worked on has had some business or technical case to take data and do something with it. Working with data and the systems that work with that data is the foundation and core of our business.


Our projects and experience have spanned many technologies and types over many years. Below is a high level listing across a wide array and depth of what we have been involved with and have done.

  • Launched a full Ecommerce platform in the manufacturing industry, and implementing full standards for PCI compliance for proper credit card and data handling.
  • Created and launched a website for Portland musician Bob Gerig.
  • Consulting with NWUAV to provide many Intranet applications over several years to augment and improve usage of their ERP, data, and reporting systems.
  • Worked with various Bissell Group consultants across the country to build and deploy a custom multi-device internet portal serving up videos across the world in over a thousand languages.
  • Interfaced Siemens X-Ray diffraction instruments to PC hardware for control and logging at Oregon State Univeristy.
  • Developed intranet applications for Artistic Auto Body, a multi-shop auto body shop, to better track vehicle information, data, labor and reporting.
  • Created the first computerized MSDS database tracking system for Teledyne Wah Chang Albany, with dBase III+ on early MS-DOS based systems.
  • Wrote FoxBASE and FoxPro database applications for maintaining and reporting on US HUD Title X programs for lead-based paint assessments. Created the first modem-based uploads of HUD-based data to Martin Marietta, when all others similar firms in the industry were still sending floppy disks by postal mail.
  • Provided various types of custom and technical training as a Microsoft Certified Trainer to many Seattle area clients (Boeing, State of Washington, City of Seattle, Starbucks, Microsoft and more).
  • Developed Nike’s first Niketown store based digital foot measuring system and kiosk, collecting data from various Niketown locations that fed nightly to Nike’s Beaverton footwear division and scientists.
  • Consulted at various Portland-area Intel campuses, collaborating on various Intel intranet applications and projects leveraging Windows web servers and databases.
  • The first Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE Linux certification) outside of the Red Hat’s North Carolina main office, providing technical training, consulting, and running classes and exams around the United States and Canada to certify future generations of certified Red Hat professionals. Also provided customized Red Hat training to clients and engineering teams from Oracle, Xerox, Intel and others.
  • Consulted with Planar Systems in creating a digital signage/kisok system, using a Windows Embedded OS platform.
  • Worked with VT Miltope to create customized Linux-based data loader mapping systems for specialized needs of the airborne divisions of the US Army.
  • Provided system administration and consulting services to scientific based companies Schrodinger and Galois, who had a wide-array of Unix-based systems to maintain for their research and product development.
  • Worked with Portland and Hillsboro companies such as FEI, helping them develop programs which scan analyze microchip lithography for the semiconductor industry.
  • Consulted with Tektronix/Xerox to provide customized technical training for various internal engineering teams moving into Windows-based .NET development.
  • Had years of technical training course delivery and customization at the campuses of Oregon Graduate Institute, Portland Community College, and the State of Oregon, offering many courses both in Windows and Linux technologies.
  • Consulted with RE/MAX Equity Group in the Portland area to help with Windows based Active Directory training and administration across multiple real estate offices.
  • Developed a custom RMA system for Veris Industries using Windows Server, SQL Server, and other Microsoft-based technologies.
  • Provided consulting to Obvius LLC to help develop their first generation web-based portal for data acquisition systems.
  • Worked as a system and network administrator for Axian using Windows and Linux based servers.
  • Developed Windows CE based applications on Motorola wireless handheld scanners for use in shipping & receiving departments in the manufacturing industry.
  • Wrote applications for RP Advanced Mobile Systems for their ERP, data, and reporting systems.
  • Worked with NW Rapid Manufacturing to streamline several their 3D build and production and fulfillment processes, from quote to cash.
  • Developing websocket-server solutions allowing bi-directional realtime connectivity with any websocket aware internet device.
  • Consulted with the City of Redmond (Washington) Fire Department to construct a data and business intelligence solution using Microsoft Azure Cloud resources for improved and robust reporting and analyses of fire and medical response data.